About Us

ENFLUX is a catalyst for change. We help you pursue life in a simple, yet stylish manner. We hope your appreciation of design flows with each visit.


EN (prefix) – 1. to cause to become; make; 2. to put into a particular condition

FLUX – 1. continous movement and change; 2. flow


ENFLUX is a high-end design store that focuses on the timeless beauty of modernist aesthetics.



ENFLUX philosophy


ENFLUX believes that good design is the soul of the world. It will continue to serve for a long period of time as the curator of good design who brings in the best international design.


We are committed to expanding the repertoire and profound understanding of design in the community we live in and serve.


ENFLUX product search


We find products with elegant simplicity that never fail to surprise and delight the senses. In curating ENFLUX collections, we search for designs within a modernist context pieces that fuse form, function and quality.


As a result, products found at ENFLUX are always: aesthetically appealing, make good functional sense and offer sound value.